LIGHTHOUSE INC can create test reports based on manufacturers’ safety guidelines.
And also, we can review the guidelines, assist in creating new guidelines, perform electrical testing, and create test reports based on country-specific requirements.
Our engineer is certified as a TÜV Appointed Advisor ID: 0000080987 and Safety Assessor in Japan (A2020-22-10599).
The engineer has 9 years of experience with TUV Rheinland Japan and 2 years with SGS Japan as an examiner for industrial machinery and semiconductor manufacturing equipment.

In addition to creating test reports based on North American standards related to industrial machinery safety requirements, we can also create test reports based on your own EHS guidelines.
Report preparation includes formatting (word data), on-site evaluation at Japanese manufacturers, and electrical testing.
The Rheinland logo is printed on the signature line of the report, along with the registration information of the TUV Appointed Advisor.

He has experience making test reports for major American safety standards NFPA79, NFPA86, UL508A, and ANSI B 11 series.
In addition, he also has experience making evaluation reports for SEMI S2, S8, S14, and S22 of the SEMI guidelines.
He has also conducted many pre-confirmations for TUV Rheinland and SGS field evaluations for the U.S.

He was a member of a working group (TC199 WG6, TC44) to create JIS B 9700, a Japanese standard based on ISO 12100, and JIS B 9960-1, a Japanese standard based on EN 60204-1. and also was a member of SEMI EHS to create SEMI safety guidelines.
We can also provide consulting and reporting services to Japanese manufacturers and assist with start-ups in the U.S., if necessary.
Costs vary depending on the size and complexity of the equipment (variety of hazard sources) and plant location.

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